With the REGES (Reducing greenhouse gases emissions) project, entrusted to the science, chemical and biosystem technologies Department of the University of Siena, the province developed both a control panel to annually monitor the issued greenhouse gases emissions quantities and the measures to undertake an environmental policy in order to achieve the Kyoto goal.The methodology used is to process data that examine various fields of emissions such as energy, industrial processes, waste and Afolu, following the technical indications and parameters set by the Intergovernamental panel on climate change. The measured gases are of course those regulated by the Kyoto Protocol. With the calculation of the emissions of greenhouse gases balance, which arises from the project REGES, the Province of Siena has achieved the Certification Iso14064-1.


Iso 14064/1

Since 2007, the Province of Siena has enabled the project to define the greenhouse gas balance in order to monitor the amounts of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere traced and to take measures to reduce them. The first balance was certified in 2008 - according to the ISO 14064-1 norm - based on data referred to the year 2006. The standard specifies the principles and requirements for the quantification and reporting of greenhouse gases emissions and their removal. It involves requirements concerning the design, development, management, reporting communication and verification of greenhouse gases inventory . The certification is held annually by the Province of Siena.

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