trefossata imgpOur offer is based on simple hospitality. First of all, we believe that choosing a sustainable development is a rule of life, this is why we support energy sources generated through natural renewable and environmentally compatible resources and we are involved in respecting and enhancing our tradition.
Among the different activities, it's a long time we have been breeding donkeys from Amiata and looking at them you'll discover they are not stupid at all ....few minutes with them and you will be able to appreciate their slow walking, their curiosity, their sociality, which will be transferred as an anti-stress, and who lives the city knows very well about stress.......
We chose to have rooms without TV and telephone so that for some time and some days you can think only about yourself... We offer silence, quiet, starry skies, fireflies, crickets, clean air... is it not enough?!?!

Since 1998, thermal solar panels for producing bathroom hot water have been activated; as well as  since June 2008, photovoltaic panels (plant of about 3 kilowatts) for producing energy.

And, we are designing:
- two hydroelectric power stations of 4 kilowatts;
- a small wind generating station of about 2 kilowatts:
both will allow the exploitation of natural resources making the company self-sufficient

From the energy point of view, it will allow to obtain an additional income selling the surplus energy.

Furthermore, since 1998, the company has been provided with a system of recovery of the rainwater which allows in summertime the watering of the big garden surrounding the farmhouse.

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